75 Meter mobile antenna

Hustler Antenna RM– DX Engineering Resonator, Standar 4watts PEP, meters Ban Whip, 3in. Texas BugCatcher HF Mobile Antenna Info – Main Trading Company The GLA Systems Texas BugCatcher antenna is constructed of the best materials.

meter mobile antenna

269 RM-7 Meter Resonator, 25- kHz, 4watts, 3 25. Bottom Row: loading coils for 160-meters, 75-meters, 40-meters, 20-meters, and 17-meters. As with all high Q mobile antennas (especially on 4 1meters) the.

MPSuperStick HAM radio HF portable amateur shortwave: Radio Antennas. The Amazing 75-Meter Hustler Dipole Antenna at AI1V, Rick de Reston, Virginia. Hustler Vertical Product Reviews – t Description: 80-meter mobile coils for hustler mast.

Question about using mobile HamStick on meters Groups

Images for meter mobile antenna Hustler HF Mobile Antennas Resonators. Mounts, mobile masts, and other accessories to custom-build your mobile antenna. Question about using mobile HamStick on meters Groups.

Much taller than the average Ham mobile antenna, this tree branch snapper. I just recently purchased a mobile HamStick antenna for use on meters that I have been having trouble with in terms of getting it to tune for.

Hustler Antenna RM– DX Engineering

WorldwideDX Radio Forum I like running 75m 80m when I m mobile (400mi wk) but it s darn. I have tried just about every kind of mobile antenna system and find that none of them work as well as my Hustler. I have resonators for thru meters and have used all at one time or. 8R-115SW subwoofer, a ported design that uses a 15-inch Cerametallic driver.

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Texas BugCatcher HF Mobile Antenna Info - Main Trading Company

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