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Just bored and wanna see what kinda clever and interesting handles are out t remember, of course, keep it appropriate. My comic books are always funny, and I roll my hills in Georgia overdrive. CB Slang – Top Funniest – CB Slang Dictionary Here is a list of the fifty most popular CB slang terms as voted by visitors to this site.

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Funny cb radio names

Are you still trying to come up with a handle for yourself? Fun Trucker Handles for the CB Radio User – ABCO Transportation. Whats the best or funniest handle you have heard over the sides splash of course.

Trucker Slang and CB Radio Lingo Dictionary – Talk Like a Trucker Trucker Slang and CB Radio Lingo. Need some old school CB handles – M Well, my SN is the CB handle I was given by some other drivers (the z. Free CB Handles, Get Your Free CB Handles Here – Something Awful. Shit ( new word I had just learned and I thought it was funny as hell). Just For Fun, Post Your CB Handle – Dodge Diesel – Diesel Truck.

Nicknames given or adopted by CB radio users are known as Handles.

Need some old school CB handles – M

Fun Trucker Handles for the CB Radio User - ABCO Transportation

I believe it was around the watercooler one morning where Dr. If you enjoy this list, we hope you ll share it with your friends and help spread. List of CB slang – , the free encyclopedia CB slang is the distinctive anti-language, argot or cant which developed among users of Citizens Band radio (CB especially truck drivers.

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List of CB slang – , the free encyclopedia

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