Lg nb3530a how to connect subwoofer

I bought the lg 300w stylish and slim sound bar. the sound

O.k and can you see a model number that may look like NB35or 3532. LG Sound Bar Bluetooth Sub Woofer Wont Connect.

Lg nb3530a how to connect subwoofer

When your connection is not complete you can see the red LED or the blinking green LED on the wireless subwoofer and the subwoofer does not make sound. Both the subwoofer and soundbar need to be plugged into the mains and then it s really just a. Press and hold Mute on the remote control for about seconds. Adjust the volume level of the main unit to the minimum.

Once the power cord has been connected for this woofer speaker, and the Bluetooth connection faile you can see the red LED on the subwoofer and cannot get sound from the subwoofer.

LG Sound Bar Bluetooth Sub Woofer Wont Connect

LG NB3530A: Sound Bar Audio System with Bluetooth Connectivity

Press and hold STOP on the unit and MUTE on the remote control simultaneously. Getting Started Setting up Manually pairing wireless subwoofer When the connection faile you. While the sub does not seem to connect to the sound bar, do you have sound. The sound I pressed the pairing button on back of subwoofer, got a blinking red and green light.

Download Audio Owner s Manual of LG NB3530A for free. I bought the lg 300w stylish and slim sound bar. LG NB3530A PDF Owner s Manual Download Preview LG NB3530A Owner s Manual. LG NB3530A Manual LG NB3530A Manual LG NB3530A.

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LG NB3520A – Setup and Performance – Trusted Reviews

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LG -Channel Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer Black NB3530A

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