License plate led lights illegal

So does anybody if LED License plate lights are illegal in the state of. However, the white lights that people keep putting on license plates are illegal. To purchase some ultra blue LED bulbs for my license plate lights, is it.

License plate led lights illegal

Licence plate LED s and interior LED s – Honda – Automotive. Well GA the law states you can have blue lights as long as its not revolving or. I tried searching, so flame away if a thread is easily found. Couple of weeks ago, a buddy of mine got me some led license plate lights.

If I change my license plate bulbs to LED will i get pulled over. I want to put Blue LED for license plate lights, is it legal in. Pulled r license plate lights 5th Gen Camaro SS LS LT.

Are technically illegal, but interior lighting is not regulated so you can do. Law enforcement uses those colors and you could potentially get.

Pulled r license plate lights – CamaroChevy Camaro

If I change my license plate bulbs to LED will i get pulled over

He gives me a ticket for having Blue APC L.E.D License Plate lights. The police pointed it out, any other colour apart from whiteyellow is illegal. CandlePowerForums Ok, so I researched about adding leds to the rear license plate on. EBay Motors: White LED License Plate Lights Honda 7th Civic.

You don t need an extra switch for your LED license plate lights, and they. Since laws vary by state, however, you need to check the regulations in your area to. Was thinking of getting some blue or red leds for my ear license plate lights. I have LED lights on my license plate which came with the car but I haven t. So ive read a bunch of threads of you guys changing out the license plate bulbs.

In terms of legality but I can be almost certain that this is not illegal. Amber or re but never heard of the LED plate lights being illegal. Is there any restriction on the colour of the lights that are allowed. The ticket did not give a price but says I Must Go. A Quick Micro Stand Camera Mount – A Quick Micro Stand Camera Mount.

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APC LED License Plate Lights, Got A Ticket?! - Southeast

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