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Why are there twin RCA (phono) inputs on my subwoofer, when I. My quesiton is: is there a special wire or adapter I can use to connect the speaker -wire type input from my subwoofer to the RCA-type output. When you split the cable and plug into both the R and L RCA inputs, the.

Subwoofer rca input

Audio subs, but my JBL powered sub has stereo RCA inputs as. On some older AVRs, a direct wire connection where the subwoofer s speaker wire connects directly to the AVR s subwoofer out speaker terminal is utilized. If your subwoofer has a twin stereo input for low level.

A subwoofer is a mono device, and only needs a single channel of audio fed to it. Images for subwoofer rca input If the sub has an RCA jack input, it s a line level input, not speaker level.

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You can t hook a speaker level signal to a line input. An input on a subwoofer cannot guess what kind of signal it is. The subwoofer output connector often utilizes an RCA connection, a type of cable designed to pass audio and video signals.

I only use one of them (left) coming from a single sub-out on. What is the purpose of rca two inputs on sub – Home Theater Forum. This is the dedicated subwoofer output of the receiver that sends LFE info from discrete recordings and summed bass for all channels set to small to the subwoofer.

Hi: A bit of a dumb question, but why is there two rca inputs (left and right) on my sub ( 20-PC)?

Why are there twin RCA (phono) inputs on my subwoofer, when I

Next, connect the other end of the cable to the RCA level connector marked LFE input or mono input of your subwoofer. Is there any difference between a single RCA sub in and a LR RCA. Do I need a Y cable to plug the subwoofer out on my receiver to the LR.

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What is the purpose of rca two inputs on sub - Home Theater Forum

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